Solar Observing and Telescope Viewing at Carrie Furnaces, Steel to Sustainable Festival

Enjoy solar observing  with AAAP at the Carrie Furnaces Steel to Sustainable Festival on Saturday, 7 PM,  April 23, 2016. See Rivers of Steel for ticket prices.

The Carrie Furnaces (40.4130° N, 79.8907° W) Steel to Sustainable Festival  includes a 100th year anniversary of the hard hat art show, three bands and many food trucks. It is a ticketed event and supports the Carrie Furnace National Monument, part of the National Parks Service. AAAP members will offer safe solar viewing through solar filtered telescopes. AAAP members volunteer need to register prior to the event in order to get their gate pass. Those AAAP members who have not yet indicated their intention, may request a volunteer gate pass to through comments on the website by Friday.

The Carrie Furnaces 6 and 7 are extremely rare examples of pre-WW II ironmaking. They tower 92 feet high and have brick lined walls of  2.5″ thick steel plate. From 1907 to 1978 they provided iron for the Homestead Mill  and will become one of the focal points of the proposed Homestead Works National Park.

This event is an opportunity for not only astronomy outreach to our guests but also an opportunity for AAAP members to see a part of local history and to support an event which in turn supports a National Monument. Our National Parks celebrate 100 years this year.

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Respectfully submitted, Kathy DeSantis.

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